RF-80 Rotary Tiller

Ротационен култиватор за предно, средно или задно окачване. Задвижван от хидравличната система на трактора. Може да сте монтира

Elkaer rotary tiller is front, rear or sub-mounted. It is powered by the tractor’s hydraulics, but it can be fitted with a separate hydraulic pump unit as extra equipment. Moreover, the rotary tiller has been designed with a 1.5 m side extension. The placing of the blades allows you to remove the weed around trees and bushes up to 5 cm from the trunk. A rotary tiller makes spraying unnecessary.


Technical details
Working width 800 mm
Work depth 100 mm
Work speed 0-4 km/h
Oil l/min 50 l (min)
Oiltake-offs 2
Blades 6
Weight 120 kg

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