HKL Mini Frame

Най-малката рамка за окачване на товарачи и багери. Подходяща за някои резачки и тримери.

HK Max is a multifunctional tool frame that has been designed with an extra PTO and three-point linkage at the rear, thus enabling you to combine the frame with a trimmer and a mulcher at the same time. This means that you are able to cut the hedge and crush the waste material in one single process. Moreover, the HK Max is equipped with an electronic adjustment device that ensures the hedge is trimmed evenly although the terrain is uneven. Finally, via the joystick you are able to adjust and set the desired angle of the trimmer. 


Technical details
Working width 1750 mm
Branch dia. 150 mm
Work speed 3-5 km/h
Width of frame 2100 mm
Side extension 1000 mm
Oil l/min 50 l(max)
Oil pressure 150 bar (max)
Blades 3 á Ø600 mm
Weight 200 kg

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