HK1300-3 Trimmer Bar

Закачете новия Elkaer Termit 1300 нож за плет на голяма косачка например Stiga Park/Titan or Husqvarna TD26. – и забравете за н

Mount the new Elkaer Termit 1300 hedge cutter at a big lawn mower – e.g. a Stiga Park/Titan or Husqvarna TD26. – and get rid of unhealthy working positions. It is often seen that hedge cutting causes challenges both for the physics and the machine, but the Elkaer Termit makes it easy as never before. The Termit is very flexible and you can cut both on left and right side of the tool carrier and it easily cuts both vertical, horizontal and tilted lines from the ground level and up to 3,5 meters. The Elkaer Termit 1300 cuts every hedge from thuja to beech and is a must for you who want a perfect result!


Technical details
Cuting width 1300 mm
Vertical cutting height 0-3200 mm
Horizontal cutting height 300-2100 mm
Horizontal reach 2500 mm
Max branch diameter 20 mm
Oil quantity pr. min. Max 25 liter
Working speed 1-3 km/h
Weight 130-180 kg

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